My thievery* began early on into my friendship with Amanda. We met when our boys where 4 and 6 months old, G is the younger one. He was (and still is) the more relaxed of the two boys. He wasn’t one to squirm away from diaper or clothing changes. So imagine my surprise the first time I see Amanda change E. She laid him down on the floor the same direction as she would if she were using a changing table.


Then she did it!

She lifted her leg and placed it with a slightly bent knee across his chest! Inside I was shocked. How could a mom PIN her child to the floor?! Well the shock must have shown on my face. Amanda looked at me calmly and said, “If I didn’t do this he would roll away and kick and fuss.” My glib replay was, “G would never do that.” (I know, I know, all you experienced moms are rolling your eyes at me)

Oh the naivety of that statement. What did I know? G wasn’t really rolling at that point. He had never fussed at a diaper change. Diaper changes were easy……

Ya, then he learned to crawl and he never wanted to stop. Not for a butt covered in poo, not when asked nicely, not for a pleading mama, not for anything! I was frustrated. Then I remembered Amanda those few months back.

I tried it. And it worked! So I stole it!

The first time Amanda saw me do the “pin”  it, she laughed! “I told you so!”

*Some of these thoughts/actions/ideas may not be new to you. But they were to us when we stole them. **You may have noticed that the kid in the pictures is a bit older than 6 months old. Ya, I don’t have any pictures of Amanda doing this move with E when he was little. So I took some with G a few days ago.