If you have found us through my blog, you know I LOVE my cloth diapers! I use Bum Genius and can’t imagine using anything else on my baby’s bottom! What you wouldn’t know from my other blog is that I totally stole the idea from Katie! When I first met Katie, her teeny, tiny (compared to my 7 month old!) had a BIG BOOTY! It probably wasn’t the first time I met Gryphon that I noticed the booty but soon enough Katie shared with me how awesome AND EASY the BG diapers were!

I went home and told Conor that Ethans consistant diaper rashes could be over if we could get these cloth diapers. We googled them only to find out we could only afford 3! We bought them to try them out. We loved how easy there were to wash and put together, plus…. seriously…how cute is he???

I loved how the diapers were pocket diapers and how I didn’t have to fold anything. We also could stuff them all one night and be set for the next day or so. I slowly added to my collection and now have 11 BG 3.0 and 3 of their Flip Diapers!

I don’t think I would have ever been introduced these cloth diaper without stealing them from Katie!!