I don’t know if you’ve picked up on the fact that Katie and I are both Navy Wives but we are.  She grew up Navy and her husband joined after they were married. I grew up knowing very little about the Navy but then after my husband and I were married and had E, he joined and we moved to South Carolina. We met on this fabulous site called Cafemom and arranged to have our boys “play”.

G was like 4 months and E was 6 months.  They were swinging from the chandeliers and coloring with sharpies down the hall stared at each other for 2 hours while we chatted about all the normal things new moms talk about; labor, breastfeeding, diapers, etc. Who were we kidding? We didn’t really need the boys to play, WE needed to talk. I hadn’t made any friends since moving here and none of my friends in Nebraska had babies. I talked to my SIL CONSTANTLY but there is only so much a person 1,000 miles can do for me! We obviously hung out again and again and again and again! We attended many of the base events and even started a base play group using Cafemom!

Then, when most of the people on Cafemom moved, Katie suggested Meetup. She was already on the site and there were LOTS of people on there. Our own Cafemom people also joined and the meet ups quadrupled. We meet people weekly at the park, firestation or events around Charleston. It has been a lifesaver to keeping me busy while my husband has been working ridiculous hours!

Taking advantage of the internet to get out of the house is something I definitely stole from my neighbor!