Something I’ve been wanting to do is to scrapbook. Only thing is, I’m not very crafty, I hate the mess that comes with being crafty, and I have a 2 yr old (almost 2 yr old) who loves to get into anything and everything I’m doing. I could probably work on a scrap book while he’s napping, but then I’d be ignoring the chores, eating, and “me time” I usually fit in to his nap time.

OR I could steal another great idea from my neighbor!

Amanda has started a new project for her family, photo collage scrap-book. One collage page for each month, 12 in all. Is she going to print the pictures out, cut them, place them, then paste them down, wait for them to dry and then put them into the scrap-book? NOPE!

She’s going to have our local WALGREENS do all the work. All Amanda is doing is uploading her chosen pictures, pressing the auto arrange button until she likes the setup and then ordering the collage! Brilliant! A quick drive down to Walgreens, and Wa-La!

By the end of the year she has a wonderful book of memories. Bonus there are always photo discounts at walgreens. So she can wait for a good one and order for a discount.

Here’s my first month: (I’m going to have to play catch up)

Another idea I’ve stolen from my neighbor!