Growing up my parents were always very thrifty, which has turned me into a penny-pinching, tight wad! You can ask anyone I know! They’ll tell you I have the worst case of buyers remorse they’ve ever seen. It’s so bad that I almost always have something that “I’ve decided not to buy today” as I’m checking out.

I think my thrifty ways began with my mom. I used to roll my eyes at some of the things she said and did, especially when she would demand we bring home our sandwich bags so she could WASH them and REUSE them! So while all the other kids lunches came in crisp fresh sandwich bags my brother’s and my lunches were packed in wrinkly thinning bags. (Imagine the humiliation we faced at lunch everyday!) (Hey we were in our formative years and embarrassed by everything that wasn’t the same.)

When we moved to California my mom now look like an environmentalist, and not a cheapo.

As embarrassed and critical I was of my mom when I was growing up this is how my husbands lunch box looks when he gets home from work:

And this is how my kitchen looks most days: