While most of my steals are from Amanda, I enjoy stealing from everyone I know. So while talking with a friend of mine about ways to save money I was prepared to steal any ideas I could from here.

As we talked Nora mentioned Angel Food Ministries. The name wasn’t new to me, I had read about it on some of the “frugal blogs” that I subscribe to, our family had even been given a flier for Angel Food by our housing company when we moved on base. But I had never looked into it.

What is Angel Food?

*Each month’s menu is different and consists of fresh, frozen and packaged food. Angel Food is purchased from the nation’s top food suppliers. Providing quality, nutritious food at significant discounts on a regular basis is one practical way to give people a “hand up” during difficult times. The cost for a box of Angel Food is $30. There is no purchase limit for boxes of Angel Food. There are no applications or qualifications necessary to purchase.

 They say there’s enough food in the basic box to feed a family of 4 for a week. This one box got my family through almost a month. Mostly because I’m a vegetarian, and our son doesn’t eat very big portions. So it’s a really amazing deal for our family. But still a great money saver for other families.

Nora really talked me into checking them out. So I did. So far we’ve only used them once, but I was so impressed by the quality of  food, and the whole experience that went along with picking up our food. The people working/volunteering at the host church we went to were so friendly. They even carried our food to my car!  

Yet another great steal from a neighbor.

*taken from the  Angel Food Ministries website.