I am so lucky to have the cutest nieces and nephew EVER. (I’m not bias or anything!)

When I first met my extended family, Aidan was almost one and Moira was just 5 days old. (Oooo, she was so tiny and lovely and just an itty bitty bundle of sweetness but that is a completely different story) ANYWAY, Erin, my SIL, obviously had her hands full with TWO babies under one. I didn’t know her well enough to ask “So how the hell do you do it?” Hell, at like 5 days into having baby number 2, she probably didn’t even know she was doing it! I did notice though that she had Aidan signing. I don’t remember how many signs the 11 month old was doing but as I got to know Erin on the phone, she would mention he was signing “milk” “more” etc. She then taught Moira as she got older! It was nice that even though they couldn’t talk, she didn’t have to be a constant mind reader for the two of them!

I knew I was going to sign with E before I even had him! I liked how well it worked with Erin and her kiddos that Conor and I took Sign Language in college! We started with simple signs like “more” and “milk” and before long E was signing “please” “sleep” “eat” and so much more! It was so nice that he could tell me things! Ethan still remembers his signs and I am sure he will be helping any future siblings with the signing, just like Aidan and Moira (and Olivia!)!

I am very happy to say I stole this from Erin!!!