Several weeks ago, Katie mentioned that she jams out to Pandora on her computer. I had heard of it but tried it a few times. I don’t really carry my computer around since it needs to be attached to the charger but when I learned there was a free app for the iPod I was sold! We listen to the iPod constantly in the speakers we have for the kitchen. I made a station of Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift and rocked out to songs we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. It was fantastic!

Fast forward two weeks and my neighbor Kendall mentioned that she was listening to Pandora radio on a Disney station…I almost died! Kids music? Why hadn’t I thought of this? So I instantly created that station on my Pandora and was even more excited when it wasn’t just disney kids songs but also Broadway songs and songs from GLEE! It is a nice mix of kids songs without making me want to shoot something!

I love it! Definitely one of my favorite steals!!