I know I have a post about my favorite steal some where in here. But you know what?  This is the best thing I’ve had stolen from me.

I was blog hoping one day and found a link to MotivatedMoms.com 

I found their Chore Calender (here’s a sample). It’s amazing! I’m a horrible house keeper, I get lazy. I would rather play with G or check my Facebook page or do anything other than clean. But it’s my job. I’m the Stay at Home Mom. 

I immediately shared the site with Amanda. She wasn’t totally sold on it until she saw a day with “Clean Dishwasher Door” as a task. Then she loved it…I’m not sure why, maybe she really hates dirty dishwasher doors. But she loved it. Another friend was about to change from fully time working lady to SAHM, and mentioned she wasn’t sure how she would remember to get everything done. I shared the link and she loved it. I’m not sure if my friend is using it, but I know she has it just in case she needs it.

I love the weekly check lists. The calendar has daily chores on the left side and those weird tasks that you don’t always think to do, and when you finally think to do them they’ve gotten out of hand or just plain gross, on the right. You know, like washing the walls in your kitchen or cleaning out the light fixtures in your hall.

After having  Baby C the Motivated Moms calender helped me get back into my routine. The best thing about it is the feeling of satisfaction when you check off something you’ve finished. I LOVE checking things from lists, I feel so accomplished!

 If you’re one of my bible reading followers there’s also scheduled bible readings version.