I have an RSS feed full of blogs that I like to read. But there are a few I feel like I have to read everyday, or every time I see that there’s a new post.  I thought I’d share some of them, and why.

So in alphabetical order:

amala.com  The mom of 2 boys, one on the spectrum (if you have to ask….. then ask). She’s a blogger, she has a potty mouth, she talks about her sons with so much love, and it’s fun for me to read about her oldest son’s successes.

Fmylife it’s funny, it’s sad, and sometimes it’s disgusting.

Lady Evelyn’s blog My best friend writes it. I’m hoping to read it a lot more when she leaves me moves away.

No time for flashcards This is a great blog with lots of fun activities to do with your kids. I’m always looking for ways to have fun with G that will help him learn a bit.

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio A funny blog  written by an American married to a Brazilian living in Rio raising two beautiful boys. She also just happens to be a friend from high school.

The Pioneer Woman Everyone and their mom reads Ree’s blog. I got hooked reading a series of posts (that is now a book and may become a movie) about the beginning of her relationship with her husband. So much  fun!

Wife of a Sailor I can relate…as simple as that.

I hope you check out a few of my favorite blogs.