So we’ve been having some issues with G recently. He’s a wonderful kid, a loving big brother but I’ve begun to see some changes in him. Mostly he’s been referring to himself as a “Baby” and he’s stopped sleeping through the night.

Here’s what we’re doing to address the issues

“I’m a baby.” issue

  • Tell him Baby C is the baby and he’s Mommy’s Big Boy.
  • Point out all the things big boys can do that babies can’t.

Waking up throughout the night.

  • We put a fish tank in his room, thinking that maybe it was the lack of light that brought him to our room. He used to cry about dinosaurs, sharks, lions, and alligators being “in the floor”.
  • We’ve stopped letting him come into our bed, at night. Our new mantra is “Mommy and Daddy sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, G sleeps in G’s bed.”
  • We’ve started giving him a before bed snack. Which has worked once, but to be fair we’ve only done it one night.

Hopefully the Baby thing is just a reaction to having Baby C at home. She’s been here for almost 4 months and he’s just started with the Baby thing though.

So blog reader friends… any ideas? I’d love to steal them.