1. What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
My cross country trip from San Diego to Charleston, SC. My mom and I drove with my 4 month old son. We decided to take the NORTHERN route. Did you know there was such a thing?? (there isn’t, but we made one because all of mom’s family lives in the northern states). The trip was supposed to take 8 or 9 days, we ended up having to do it in 5! (Hubby’s stupid school wouldn’t let him start until we got into town)

2. Do you collect anything? Tell us a bit about it.
Japanese things. Thanks to the Navy I lived in Japan as a kid, and then we honeymooned there. I have several small wooden dolls and lots of sake glasses.

3. What is your favorite part about being an adult?)
Setting my own bed time! haha Though I’m pretty bad about getting to bed when I should… like right now.

4. What song brings a tear to your eye?
How funny I was just telling someone this. I tear up every time I hear “Always” by Switchfoot. It makes me think about meeting my children for the first time, how I stared at them in the hospital rooms after they were born. It is also a great worship song and reminds me the place God has in my life.

5. Describe your first plane ride (how old you were, where you were heading, etc).
My first plane ride? Sheesh, I was tiny. I don’t remember it at all. We flew from Monterey, CA to Japan. I think. Either that or we flew to New Jersey.  I flew so much as a kid, and as an adult that they all blend in together.