So McMama had this post up a while ago… like 3 months or so. I loved it and has been saving up some of the things I say to my son to share with you.

“G, go get your chainsaw to play with.” (to a 2 yr old)

“Take your fingers out of your butt…I don’t care if it itches.  No I don’t want an ‘I’m sorry’ hug.”

“Is that poop on my shirt? I don’t know, maybe….oh well I’ll change it later.”

“Ok it’s time to go. No we have to go now. Now. NO you can’t live at Jazzercise. We’ll come back in the morning ok?”

“Don’t touch me with that hand, we don’t touch people’s faces right after we’ve gone pee-pee”

“For the love of God, stop touching the trash cans!!!”

“Please don’t jump on your sister’s head, we like the shape it is now.”

(From Amanda)

“That’s sausage you don’t suck it, you chew it.”  (We were chatting on the phone when she said this to her son….I DIED!)

What’s the funniest thing that’s come out of your mouth recently?