Happy Thanksgiving all!

As I mentioned in my last post we are headed home in the near future, so our family isn’t doing Thanksgiving. Well in a sense.
We’re not cooking anything this year. We’re just invading our friends’ homes and devouring all of their yummy Thanksgiving food! Thank goodness for friends that are just as good as family.
I call these people our “Navy Family” and I love them!
This year two of our Navy families are having us over. The kids and I have already been to one house and in a few minutes (after the naps are over) we’ll be headed out for the second.
I’ll have to tell you about our exit from the first Thanksgiving meal. All I can say is I’m VERY thankful for understanding friends, and that God blessed me with a dose of patience and a break from my back pain.

I would love to hear your favorite/most embarrassing/humorous Thanksgiving stories.