This is one of those posts that a guy should not read. Or maybe he should, because it is an AWESOME idea.

It’s winter (duh!) and it’s cold (DUH!!!) so our heater is running pretty much 24/7. Which means it’s DRY in our house…. like Sahara desert dry. My skin doesn’t handle dry well, especially my lips. They crack, they burn, they HURT! I’ve only been able to temporarily fix this issue, until 3 years ago.

You see 3 years ago my mom, 3 month old son, and I were driving from San Diego to South Carolina. I was nursing my son and had a tiny tube of lanolin cream in case of chapping. I’m very fortunate that wasn’t a problem, but my mom’s lips weren’t doing as well.

What does this woman do? She grabs my tube of Lanolin and rubs some of it on her LIPS! What? But it’s for my NIPS!

Me: “Ummm, Mom? Yuck.”

Mom: “What it’s for chapping right?”

Me: “But it’s for my nips….”

Mom: “Well it works and you weren’t using it.”

Me: “But         it’s           for         my          nips.”

Mom: (exasperated sigh) “Grow up.”

Skip forward to 3 weeks ago. We’re on baby #2, I have a little bit a chapping. A lot on my lips. So I try mom’s gross trick.

IT WORKED!!! My lips feel AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies you should try it, it is a little greasy at first.  You get used to it.

Now if only I could get my husband to try it.