I’m a terrible blogger. It’s been MONTHS since I shared any tidbits, steals, anything…… I’m resolving to do better. I actually have ideas for posts written down on a piece of paper next to my bed. (I think that’s part of my problem, I’m still kind of old school, I LOVE physically writing my thoughts down.)

In the past 6-8 months lots has changed. My family moved into a new house, so much nicer than the old house. My best friend (of my adult life) and her wonderfully beautiful family moved to Guam. Yup GUAM! A tiny island 15 hours ahead of my time zone. Thanks Navy for tearing away the person that kept me sane, listened to my problems, kicked my butt, provided reality checks, gave me a shoulder to cry on, loved my children as her own and let me love her son as my own. I was secure in knowing that whatever came up Amanda would be there for it, and I knew I would be there for her too. Weird noises in the middle of the night? Ring, ring “Hey was that a plane that nearly crash landed on our houses? Or is the Air Force just doing midnight fly bys?”  Ring, Ring “The police are using your car port as a stake out/planning area bc your neighbor’s house was invaded by a crazy guy with a gun? (true story)” Added to that, the husband has received word that while we’re on shore duty he’ll be spending a significant amount of the next yr in VA. 9 weeks gone, 6 weeks home for the next 360 days.  We’re also thinking about getting a dog.

Like I said, lots of stuff.  I’ve handled most of the changes well, ok so I’ve needed some help. But I’m adjusting and I’m making new friends and enjoying the ones that haven’t left, yet. I was even able to take the kids back “home” to San Diego for a 3 week vacation. That was so nice, they were able to bond with both sides of the family. I was able to relax and let other people chase the kids around.

With all of this going on we’ve had a few rough days, days where we miss people.

Today was one of those days, it was a little heart breaking for me.

Our Boy has asked to see Ethan and telling me he wants to go visit Ethan, Amanda and Conor. From the time I picked him up from school till he went to bed I must’ve heard him tell me how much he misses Ethan 1000 times. At one point I called Amanda, in tears just to try to give Our Boy a chance to chat with Ethan. I did the math wrong and woke her up at 6am, I thought it was 9am. Luckily for her, Ethan was still in bed asleep…unfortunately that meant she also had to hear Our Boy tell her how much he missed Ethan and how Our Boy “just wants you to come visit.” (Our Boy uses this phrase alot “I just_______”  I just love you, I just need___ I just ). Amanda was able to tell OB that Ethan drew him a card and would be mailing it very soon.  That made OB happy.  

I love that the boys are so close and love each other and miss each other like crazy. I can hardly wait until Amanda’s family is on the Mainland, or at least closer than 3 planes and 15+ hours (each way). I am so thankful for Facebook, Skype, and phones! But it’s not the same as being 2 blocks away, seeing each other everyday for hours and texting or calling when we’re not together. As I type this it makes me think we sound like a couple that has separated, or broken up.

Another thought just ran through my head… I’m so grateful to the Navy for adding to my family. For bringing Amanda’s family into our lives.

 I need to win the lotto, or inherit a fortune (but from an unknown distant family member) so our family can fly to Guam.