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Happy Thanksgiving all!

As I mentioned in my last post we are headed home in the near future, so our family isn’t doing Thanksgiving. Well in a sense.
We’re not cooking anything this year. We’re just invading our friends’ homes and devouring all of their yummy Thanksgiving food! Thank goodness for friends that are just as good as family.
I call these people our “Navy Family” and I love them!
This year two of our Navy families are having us over. The kids and I have already been to one house and in a few minutes (after the naps are over) we’ll be headed out for the second.
I’ll have to tell you about our exit from the first Thanksgiving meal. All I can say is I’m VERY thankful for understanding friends, and that God blessed me with a dose of patience and a break from my back pain.

I would love to hear your favorite/most embarrassing/humorous Thanksgiving stories.

There is really only one reason I’m so excited for the Holiday season this year, my WHOLE  family will be taking a trip back home! My Boy, My Girl, My Sailor, and My I are all headed to San Diego the second week of December. This will also be the first time since leaving for boot camp, two and a half years ago, that My Sailor can go home. It’s been over a year since the kids and I have been back to San Diego (ok My Girl was a tiny tadpole the last time we were there… but still).

My Sailor and I are very fortunate to have both sets of parents living in the same city. It makes deciding where to go for the holidays a lot easier. But it does make balancing our time tricky. His parents don’t have the room for all 4 of us to stay with them, so we stay with my parents. A hotel is too expensive, but this time I’m thinking about doing it for a night or two. (There’s no way My Sailor will agree to that though)

There’s really only one part of this trip that has been a little tricky, where I’ve had to be careful not to offend anyone. We’re taking Our Boy, 2.5 yrs old, to DISNEYLAND(!) for the FIRST time EVER!!!!!! And EVERYONE wants to go. But My Sailor and I want to be selfish and keep this special trip to ourselves, just the 3 of us. So far I think I have been very tactful, and gracious in telling everyone “No, thank you, but you’re not invited to The Most Magical Place on Earth with us.” The hardest one was My Mom; I was asking her to watch Our Girl for us while we go… “Oh, Your Dad and I would  love to go with you guys!”  “Oh, well….. we were sort of hoping, to umm, just be the three of us.” (How did I not see that coming.) Next My Brother and His Girlfriend, the MIL, and finally My Sister-in-Law #2. (Sister in law #1 and MS’s brother just had a baby… I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to come.)

I LOVE all of Our Family…. I just really want to enjoy our day and see how happy Our Boy is when he spots Mickey for the first time. Rather than worrying if everyone is having fun, going to the rides they want to, figuring out who’s going to watch Our Girl while we go on rides (oh, man and all the things that go along with taking a 7 month old to Disneyland), finding a place to eat that everyone/most everyone wants to eat at, etc.

Ok, now how do I fit 50 places that I miss eating at into 8 days?

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